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Who TF is Nick Davis?

This has been the slogan for Nick Davis since he started DJ’ing. So “Who is Nick Davis“? Nick Davis is a Kansas City based DJ from Omaha Nebraska. Nick started DJ’ing August 25th 2012, he said he taught himself how to DJ through YouTube. Nick Davis traveled from Omaha to Kansas City Missouri to go to School. (Rockhurst, UMKC) At first he was only Dj’ing for fun and then by his sophomore year he started to tap in to the Dj’ing community locally here in Kansas City, which is what has gotten him to the point he is at today, along with hard work of course.

We got up with Nick, and asked him a few questions:

  • Whats your favorite venue to DJ at in KC?

The responses spoke:

” I don’t have a favorite, they are all different and give off different feelings on different nights”

When we asked this question and got the answer from him, it spoke volumes to his DJ versatility. Nick can hold any room together and create the vibe that is needed. He has played at just about all the key venues in KC, from Throwback all the way to Angels Rockbar. He’s played in front of thousands at Kansas City Live Block and even hundreds at Firefly in Westport. When we say he can play in ANY room we really mean, ANY room.

We also asked Nick:

  • What is his favorite song to play when DJ’ing ?

“Swag Surf, that song works for anyone and I think it will be around forever.”

Our follow up question was :

  • So you want to DJ forever?

“Yes, I plan to get my degree but I’m not sure how that will translate over into the real world, I would love to travel and DJ forever.”

Its apparent that Nick Davis wants to DJ forever, and not only just DJ but be the best at it. His work ethic speaks for itself, as he puts on his SnapChat and IG story often “You Practice Today”? His DJ’ing skills reflect his work ethic and we over at UpDown Nightlife appreciate Nick Davis and we wish him nothing but the best as he continues to follow his Nightlife dream.


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