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The People’s Favorite Night To Go Out

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Recently, we polled our followers on their favorite day of the week to go out. The feedback we received was overwhelming, with results across the board.

For the majority of our participants, work played a major role in their favored night of the week. For those in corporate America, it can be difficult to report to that 9-5 after a night of partying. This was the reasoning behind most votes cast from Friday or Saturday night. The ability to sleep in/through that hangover appears to be a determining factor.

However, Thursday came in strong for second place with more variety in the reasoning. Many view Thursday night as the start of the weekend. With a more relaxed vibe and a different collective of people, the tone for Thursday is always positive.

To round it all out, we had a good number of people rally behind Sunday. If you’ve ever attended a good Sunday day party, you fully comprehend the numerous positive aspects provided. First and foremost, like Friday and Saturday nights, if you attend a day party on Sunday, you are often in bed at a reasonable time to report for work the next day. With brunch and other food options, the longevity of the event is different as well. But most importantly, the crowd on Sunday is unmatched. In fact, Sunday is generally the day when our favorite industry people can enjoy themselves along with us!

Honorable mention during our poll goes to Taco Tuesday because let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love tacos accompanied by a tasty margarita to help get you through the week?

The focus tends to gravitate towards the weekend when we discuss nightlife, but it doesn’t have to. Here in Kansas City, there are a plethora of events each night of the week that include drink specials, entertainment and other ways to get out and be social. Lucky for you, UpDown Nightlife has a HotSpot feature that makes it easy! If you haven’t used it yet, check it out for some ideas to get out of the house and on the nightlife scene any night of the week.



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