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Top 5 Kansas City Nightlife Trends

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UpDown Nightlife will always strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in our industry. That is why this week we would like to highlight the current trends in our market. Here is our top five.


1. Bar Hopping

The idea behind this trend is to let the night take you where it will. It can be difficult to appease everyone in your group, particularly when your group is large in size. Luckily for us, Kansas City is well equipped for this trend. Districts like Westport and Power & Light offer an array of different venues that supply a variety of music genres, drink specials, and overall feel.

2. Beer Drinkers

Craft beer is a trend that has been on the rise for quite awhile now for both the male and female demographic. Local breweries are becoming more creative and appealing more and more to their consumers. Of course, the biggest name in KC is Boulevard, however there are numerous smaller breweries scattered throughout the city that will quench your thirst for unique tastes. Bars like Taps on Main and HopCat are on the rise and it is expected that more like them will continue to pop up throughout the metro area.

3. Speakeasies

The dimly lit and secretive feel that these lounges provide is something that consumers have been feigning for. Establishments like Lotus, TikiCat, The Fall and Hush have begun to utilize these once undesirable spaces and transformed them into sleek, sexy establishments that are popular among all types of people.

4. Hip Hop Music

This is the trend that UpDown excels at, as a company, we recognized the high demand for a venue (or venues) to play the most current hip hop music. With the help of DJ Q, we feel that we have delivered. Every Thursday we provide Touch Thursdays at Brick House in Martini Corner, while on Fridays we move Forward at Bridger’s in Westport.

5. Sports Bars

This is a trend that will never fall off the list but Kansas City takes them to another level. If you’ve ever been at Ale House / Brick House on a Sunday when the Chiefs are playing or No Other Pub when Sporting KC takes the field, you know why. The atmosphere is electric. The fandom for Kansas City sports teams is incomparable and deep rooted so we need a comfortable place that offers good food, well mixed drinks and plenty of TVs.

While trends are always evolving and changing, the UpDown Nightlife team is well equipped to handle it. With feedback from our followers, social engagement and being actively present in all aspects of the nightlife scene, UpDown will continue to make every effort to satisfy the party-goers of Kansas City.



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