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Say Hello To “The 9ine Ultra Lounge”

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For this week’s industry highlight, we wanted to introduce our followers to a new club that opened recently in KC – The 9ine Ultra Lounge.

The owner of this new venue is Cleveland, Ohio native and former Kansas City Chief, Alphonso Hodge. When drafted to KC in 2004, Hodge and his family put down roots here. Even when he was traded in ’08, his family remained and he will attest that this city is now home.

Hodge has been involved in the nightlife scene for a number of years, throwing events at different venues throughout the city. While these events were successful and gained a lot of traction, it was hard to feel as though he had total artistic and visual control because he was to subject to guidelines set forth from a third party. Because of this, he decided to take a leap of faith, trust in God and his plans, and began the difficult journey of opening his own nightclub.

As a collegiate and professional athlete, Alphonso is no stranger to hard work. However, when we spoke, he admits this was a challenging experience. Starting a business in the nightlife industry has a mountain of obstacles. There is finding the perfect location, designing the most comfortable layout, applying for/being approved for specific permits or licenses, and appealing to the right demographic of people. At times, Hodge admits, he felt discouraged but forged ahead to see the fruition of his ideas.

The name of The 9ine Ultra Lounge incorporates Hodge’s favorite number. (One that he often wore on his jersey). This spacious facility was designed to bring something new and exciting to the city. With elaborate bottle service and an upscale feel, it is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or simply dress up, feel good and let loose after a long week. Each night of the weekend offers something different – from Latin Night on Thursday’s to Sold Out Sunday’s – this locale is meant to attract a variety of people both near and far.

UpDown Nightlife is always excited to explore new venues that will add value to the current Kansas City market and offer something different or unique to consumers. Growth and expansion is not only exciting but a welcome change.


For more information on location, tables reservations and specials  – follow @9ineultralounge on Instagram

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