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Women Go-To Drink in Club/Bar

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Recently, UpDown Nightlife took an Instagram poll to see what drink women favor when out for the night. The participation was impressive, and the answers gave us a lot of insight into the needs and selections of our female followers.

Tequila was the drink of choice for a majority of our participants, which isn’t all that surprising. Tequila is low in calories and has been said to have a variety of health benefits. Made from agave, tequila has been linked to lowering blood sugar, improving bone health and may actually aid in digestion and weight loss. Many have also claimed that tequila acts as an antidepressant and reduces stress. However, this is likely a myth. Regardless, tequila does seem to have a certain uplifting quality. Whether you’re taking straight shots or mixing with OJ, tequila is always a good choice!

Delightfully, Hennessy was the second choice of our female demographic. This bodes well for our promotion of Hennessy & Friends and we must credit the ladies for making that so successful! The brand is actually responsible for almost half of the world’s Cognac production and boasts that Hennessy Life is lived by those who ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ This is a sentiment that women worldwide should apply to their everyday life! Hennessy is also widely immersed in art, music and culture – making it a household name.

Crown Royal is in close competition with Vodka to take second runner up. With a variety of flavors, the Canadian whiskey is versatile. For a sweeter taste, Apple and Peach can be easily mixed into a dangerously delicious cocktail while the original flavor never seems to let us down.  Still, we also have to take into account that some women do not care for dark liquor which is why Vodka was also an extremely popular choice.

No matter what your preference is, the mixers seemed to be consistent across the board. If you aren’t drinking liquor straight, Pineapple juice, Cranberry Juice or Red Bull are the options that most of our poll participants prefer.


To thank all of the beautiful women that took place in our poll, UpDown Nightlife will be holding a contest to win 5 drinks ON US! The rules are simple:

1. Post a picture of yourself on social media.
2. Tag @updownnightlife
3. Mention the ‘go to drink’ that you voted for!

*Must be one of the aforementioned drinks in this article*



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