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INTL Nightclub Girls takeover FYX Fridays

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This Friday, a couple of INTL girls will take over Fyx Fridays.

Adrianna and Dae are sisters from Phoenix, Arizona that currently serve the industry at INTL Nightclub located in Scottsdale. INTL is an exclusive venue that provides a taste of hip hop in a market that is in short supply of such atmospheres. Being on the smaller side of things compared to its major competitors, INTL is able to control the vibe and ensure everyone has a quality evening, much to the credit of their bottle service girls like Adri & Dae.

The nightlife industry is constantly evolving and in order for us to progress, UpDown understands the importance of drawing ideas from other markets. Scottsdale is one of the emerging nightlife cities in the country and for good reason. In a recent trip there, the UpDown Team was able to draw many ideas that we can improve upon and implement in some of our events here that will give our consumers a new experience.

While Adrianna has been in the industry a little under a year, Dae is in her third. The pair speak highly of the INTL nightclubstating that everyone there is business oriented and supportive, even in regards to ventures outside of the nightlife aspect. The club typically has a number of hosts ranging from artists, models, and influencers but no matter how big or small there is always a large number of people that show up and show support.

UpDown Nightlife is excited to have these beautiful women host one of our favorite events and to show them exactly what KC has to offer. Interestingly enough, Adrianna actually attended college in Kansas City, KS at the University of Saint Mary back in 2014. The hope is that she will be able to see some friendly faces and reconnect with some old friends while she’s here. Hopefully she will see the strides the KC market has made since she was last here.

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