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Kansas City Nightlife affected by COVID-19

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an official warning yesterday advising companies, groups and individuals to cancel or postpone any gatherings/events that consist of more than 50 people. In accordance with this recommendation, UpDown Nightlife has decided to postpone all events until further notice.

At this time we feel that we have a moral responsibility to our consumers, our team and the hardworking individuals at each establishment to encourage our followers to practice Social Distancing in order to keep everyone safe and help contain the spread of COVID-19. Social Distancing is a term that we have been hearing and seeing all over Twitter and news outlets but what does it really mean?

Social Distancing is simply maintaining a certain distance between yourself and others. This is not the same as being quarantined. You are still free to live your daily life and move about the city when necessary but your contact with others should be minimal. Even the young and healthy should take this seriously, as you may contribute to the number of people infected before exhibiting any symptoms. Public Health officials encourage this practice because it has proven to be effective in containing the spread of viruses and saved thousands of lives in the 2009 flu pandemic in Mexico City.

Unfortunately, Social Distancing has a huge impact on nightlife. Because large gatherings are not advisable at this time, especially in enclosed areas, many bars and clubs will be desolate for the unforeseeable future which impacts the lives of employees, owners, attendees and companies like us. However, the smarter and more proactive we are about preventing the spread of COVID-19, the faster we will be able to go back to our normal lives. So, while this is an unfortunate turn of events, it is imperative that we adhere to the guidelines set forth to help protect ourselves and others.

This is an unprecedented time but there is no cause for panic. UpDown Nightlife will continue to work diligently during this time, so we are able to provide our followers with the best possible experience once this pandemic subsides.


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