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Updown Nightlife Presents Liquor Madness

By April 6, 2020 No Comments

Monday April 6th at 12 pm, UpDown Nightlife will unveil Liquor Madness – a liquor tournament that allows our followers to cast their votes round by round until one is ultimately crowned the champion. With 32 different liquor options, you are bound to see your favorite and have the chance to push it through to the finals. Participants will be given a few days per round to allow everyone a chance to vote.

There will be a multitude of flavors and brands, so tough decisions will have to be made as there can only be one victor. We recommend taking this opportunity to reminisce on past experiences and moments with each. From Dusse vs. Tanqueray to Patron vs. Remy, its certain that the remembrances will be aplenty and the experiences with each will vary greatly.

Liquor Madness is designed to be a fun, competitive way to gain feedback from our followers and engage them in conversation over a common interest. The results of this tournament could very well impact events and drink specials in the future but for now, we hope that everyone will help us decide once and for all the number one contender.


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