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UpDown’s Liquor Madness Round 2

By April 7, 2020 No Comments

The first round of our Liquor Madness tournament was better than we could have expected. With over 2,100 votes, we are anxious to see which brands and liquors have made it through to the Sweet 16. Hopefully, you will see some of your favorites advance.

There were a couple of neck and neck battles in the first round and as we wrap up, it will be interesting to see which prevails. Fireball went head to head with Bacardi while Captain Morgan and Smirnoff’s numbers have fluctuated back and forth for the duration of Round 1. This rivalry will come down to a few number of votes.

Round 2 of this tournament will begin April 8th at 12 pm. Be sure to log back in and cast your votes to ensure your pick will continue on to the Elite 8. The choices will be more difficult and we will see a number of favorites eliminated but there can only be one champion.

Do what you need to do. Encourage engagement from family and friends. Tell your coworkers. Lobby for your favorites on social media. Just be sure to get those votes in before it’s too late!

Click HERE to vote in Round 2!

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