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UpDown’s Liquor Madness Elite 8

By April 10, 2020 No Comments

Things are beginning to get interesting as Round 2 comes to a close. The difficult choices in the Sweet Sixteen came down to Patron versus Hennessy & Dusse versus Crown Apple – both strong matchups. Even the members of the UpDown Nightlife team had trouble coming to a consensus. Needless to say, those that advance to Round 3 will have won a hard-fought battle.

The Elite Eight begins Saturday, April 11th at noon. Like you, we are anxious to see which of our favorites have been given the opportunity to advance and compete on the next level. The competition is getting intense and after reaching over 3,000 votes, we can only anticipate the match-ups to get more intense.

If you want to see your favorite liquor have the chance to be crowned a champion, be sure to log on and vote, share to your story and encourage your followers to participate. Things will continue to heat up as we make our way down victory lane. There may be a surprise in store for those that predict the number one contender.


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