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Updown Nightlife Collabs with Fly Lion The Brand

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The dress code of an establishment can have a direct impact on a person’s perception or experience of a venue. More and more we are seeing people express themselves and their art through fashion. That kind of creative outlet is something UpDown Nightlife has always openly admired and wildly encouraged. Each one of our events, we reinforce the concept of dressing to impress.

That is why we are excited to announce that UpDown Nightlife will be partnering with 4 separate brands (a few local and a few national) throughout 2021. Each brand that we collaborate with will help us design and create unique clothing pieces for our followers to purchase. These pieces will blend our company’s vision with each brand to produce highly original, limited edition apparel.

The first company that we will be working with is Fly Liôn out of Dallas, Tx. Founder and CEO, Marcus Johnson, is a St. Louis native but spent his college years here in Kansas City where he attended UMKC and Park University, playing basketball alongside our CEO, Joshua I. Lewis. Johnson launched the company in February 2017 and has steadily grown and improved his products/service every year since.  The name for the brand is derived from all that a lion represents. Strength. Courage. Respect. No matter who you are or what you do, you should approach everything you wish to succeed in with the mentality of a lion.

This concept and the ideals of the Fly Liôn brand align perfectly with our own. As another black owned company, it is important to us now more than ever to support one another. This collaboration will be unparalleled for the simple reason that it is not every day you see a tech company entering a joint venture with a clothing company. This is just the beginning of much more to come.



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